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At each of the drug rehab centers in our network, clients receive the assistance they need to change their lives for the better. By overcoming addiction, people can improve their personal lives, their family relationships, and their communities. As we do our best to help our clients overcome their substance abuse problems, we feel proud that we can give back to society. When you enter a drug rehab facility in our network, you’ll be granted access to cutting-edge treatment from some of the most qualified professionals in the addiction recovery field.


Individuals with addictions should recognize the outstanding benefits of detoxing in a controlled, professional environment. When you are turning away from substance use, it can take days for foreign substances to drain from your body. Because these substances can cause physical dependency, this detox process is often associated with intense physical and mental stress. During this time, your risk of relapse is at its highest. At one of the facilities in our network, you can go through this process in a safe, comfortable environment. Detoxing with supervision is one of the best ways to ensure that you start your journey towards sobriety on the right foot.


When you are looking to choose a substance abuse treatment facility, it is critical that you select a facility that offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis refers to people who have a co-occurring mental health issue alongside their addiction. A huge swathe of addiction center clients fall under this category. At each addiction recovery facility in our network, safety, and security are of the utmost importance. No expense is spared to ensure each client a safe rehab experience.


Typically, the rehab process starts with intake. During this initial step, the client sits down with a friendly staff member to fill out a few forms and questionnaires. From this first interview to the end of the rehab experience, clients should respond to questions with absolute honesty. After all, honesty is the only firm foundation for permanent recovery. The intake interview is necessary to determine the individual needs of the client. Every well-run addiction recovery center creates individualized care plans to meet your unique recovery needs.


Upon completion of the interview, clients are ushered into the safe environment of our detox center. During the detox process, rehab staff carefully monitors the client to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Once detox is successfully completed, the client is ready to enter the general population of the recovery center. The length of stay can vary considerably from client to client. For people struggling to deal with addiction, rehab offers a way to rejuvenate. In this supportive environment, clients work together closely, sharing burdens and forming emotional bonds. Under the supervision of well-trained staff members, clients learn to form sober friendships that are crucial for internalizing sobriety.


Upon leaving our drug detox clinic and being housed in our residential facility, you’ll receive various forms of therapy including group classes and personalized therapy. Individuals with dual diagnoses are provided with comprehensive care. After each client leaves the addiction treatment center, they generally continue receiving therapy through aftercare programs. This allows people to stay sober for the long-term. The exact shape of aftercare varies depending on individual circumstances. Oftentimes, aftercare involves sessions with therapists at least once per week. In many cases, aftercare includes participation in 12-step programs.


The process of sobriety continues for many years after the client leaves the addiction treatment facility. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the importance of enjoying a stay in a rehab or drug detox center within our network. At any of these outstanding facilities, you can receive the high level of care you truly deserve. If you partner with us, you’ll access an addiction recovery program that is just right for you.