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If you believe you could benefit from an addiction recovery program, you’ve made an important first step – realizing you have a problem and being willing to fix it. At MacMillan Institute substance abuse treatment facility, we work with you to not only overcome your addiction, but also to improve coping mechanisms and help you on the way to a new and brighter life.

At our addiction treatment facility, the first step is typically a drug detox clinic. In this clinic, you will be supervised and monitored throughout your detox. Our kind staff will ensure that you are safe and comfortable as you wait for the toxins to leave your body completely. At our drug rehab centers, we understand that detox is often a challenging and disorienting time, and we work alongside you to help you make it to the other side.

However, our addiction treatment center is not only focused on detox. Once you have completed your detox, we will work with you to address the root causes of your addiction. An important part of our focus is dual diagnosis treatment, which refers to treatment for those suffering from both a substance abuse problem and a co-occurring mental health disorder. In many cases, a person with a mental illness, whether it is diagnosed or not, may turn to alcohol or to drugs as a means of self-medication.

Our addiction recovery center counselors can work with you to address underlying mental health issues that may be partially responsible for your addiction. Once these underlying causes are identified, we can help you to begin your addiction recovery by helping you find and utilize healthier coping mechanisms so you do not feel compelled to use drugs or alcohol to manage your symptoms. We offer care that is specialized to you and your needs as a client, and we believe this individualized approach is crucial.

At our addiction recovery facility, community is important. While our staff will work closely with you, we believe that part of recovery involves finding community with people in a similar situation to you. Here, you will be able to form an extended support group with other clients and participate in both directly therapeutic and recreational activities with them. Recovery can sometimes feel isolating, but with a community of recovery-minded people around you, you will feel supported and encouraged throughout detox and aftercare.

While detox, therapy, and group recreational activities are important parts of our drug rehab facility, focusing on your new and sober future is a major part of helping you find success. In addition to therapy directly related to overcoming your addiction, you also will be counseled on ways to prevent relapse. Some of this focused counseling involves relationship management, where we will talk with you about managing relationships with people you used to drink or use with, as well as help you develop strategies for improving relationships in general. Part of staying sober is having a network of people who care about you, and this targeted therapy can help make it easier for you to feel like an integrated member of society.

Similarly, we also can help you develop job skills or help you develop a plan for employment once you return home. Having a job can help you feel like a productive member of society, and it also can make you less likely to be tempted to relapse.

Realizing you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and that you need help can be a frightening experience, but when you have a supportive team on your side, you will soon be looking towards a better life and future.