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If you or a loved one is currently struggling with a drug addiction, no one needs to tell you how difficult it is to break free from the chains of drug abuse. You need professional and focused assistance that is structured and customized around your personal needs and requirements. Whether you’ve been struggling with substance dependence for years or have just realized you are addicted to something, you need this kind of evidence-based cognitive therapy and supervised treatment. McMillan Institute drug rehab center in Champaign, Illinois are ready to take you in and show you what real support and care feel like.

Managed Detox

The first thing you will do is enroll in our drug detox clinic in Champaign to begin supervised detox and begin the process of allowing your body to overcome physical withdrawals. While you expel the toxins, you will need the proper supervision to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible. This will make sure that you can fully overcome the symptoms and move on to the long-term portion of treatment that is designed to enable you to look at your situation clearly and critically.

Cognitive Therapy

Then, after overcoming the throes of withdrawal, you will transfer to long-term treatment at our addiction treatment center in Champaign. You will begin by meeting with a personal counselor in order to vent your struggles, begin crafting a customized addiction plan, and receive direction from a professional addiction expert. This will include dual diagnosis mental health screening. A dual diagnosis is when someone is struggling with a drug addiction and a mental health issue concurrently. Nearly half the people who have an addiction also struggle with a mental disorder. This is completely natural, and getting to the root cause of your addiction is imperative to eliminating the physical and mental dependence.

You will also work on your mental health in group sessions at our Champaign addiction recovery clinic. Here you will work with your peers to share your stories, listen to each other, and exchange valuable advice that will likely stay with you as long as the bonds you cultivate. The empathy you experience will motivate you, inspire you, and will help you when you don’t know where to turn. Group therapy is perhaps the most effective method in showing you that you are not alone in your struggle.

Relapse Prevention

When you get ready to leave our Champaign drug rehab clinic, you will go on your way with the love and support of everyone you’ve met. Not only will our experts at our rehabilitation center support you the whole way through recovery, you will have the guidance of you personalized and fully comprehensive addiction treatment program you created with your counselor. There is nothing to lose, you only have your life to take back. Call McMillan Institute today and set up an appointment for your free consultation at our addiction treatment facility in Champaign, Illinois. You won’t regret the day everything changed forever.