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An effective substance abuse treatment facility needs to address all the factors of addiction, and provide an environment that promotes a positive perspective and motivation to achieve full recovery. McMillan Institute drug rehab centers take a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery by helping clients address the root causes of their condition so they can find a long-term solution to the dependence.


We understand that addiction presents different challenges depending on individual circumstances, which is why we tailor each addiction recovery program in Bloomington, Indiana to address personal needs. Our staff members work closely with each client so they can assess the situation in depth and identify key factors to take into account. They also maintain a secure, clean, and friendly environment at our centers to help clients feel comfortable and safe during therapy.


Solutions for Any Stage of Addiction Recovery

As a full-service drug rehab facility in Bloomington, our services are designed for people at any stage of recovery. For many of our clients, supervised detoxification in our clinic is the first phase of the program. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on several factors, including duration and severity of prior substance abuse.


Getting over the initial effects of withdrawal and allowing the body to adjust to the change is critical for establishing the right footing to achieve rehabilitation. Once this has been accomplished, clients can then engage in a number of different therapies that help them break away from the thoughts and behaviors associated with their addiction. In many cases, this also involves family therapy as well as real changes in lifestyle and social activity.


Our Bloomington addiction treatment center also provides continuing services for clients who want to take advantage of our dedicated network and therapy programs on a long-term basis. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, motivation and counseling in the months or years after finishing a program, and we encourage all of our clients to check in whenever they need support.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Addiction Recovery Center

Mental health disorders can be a big road block on the path to rehabilitation if they have not been properly diagnosed and treated. They can also be a primary cause of the addiction if the victim feels the need to self-medicate with dangerous substances. Getting a diagnosis and treatment from a qualified professional is the most reliable way to solve problems associated with poor mental health.


As part of our individual assessment of each client at our Bloomington drug detox clinic, our counselors look for signs of underlying health issues that could complicate the recovery process. We take a proactive approach to managing mental illness, because we believe it’s necessary for giving each client the best opportunity to overcome their addiction.


Social Therapy and Counseling

Simply being able to talk about personal issues or problems with an understanding audience can provide an immense amount of support to those seeking rehabilitation. Clients at our addiction recovery facility in Bloomington join in group therapy sessions on a regular basis where they can learn from other participants and discuss the issues that are on their mind. Many participants find that these sessions help establish personal accountability and motivation to finish their program.


Our professional counselors also hold one-on-one meetings throughout the program to offer participants guidance and gauge current progress. We are serious about privacy and confidentiality, so we only use these conversations to develop solutions that aid the client in their recovery efforts. The McMillan Institute staff also continues to shape and tailor programs at our addiction treatment facility in Bloomington, Illinois so they address the areas that provide the most benefits.